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EventBank Manager App for Organizers

Oversee operations from anywhere. Manage registrations, collect payments, and facilitate smooth check-ins onsite to carry out successful events.

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EventBank Manager App for Organizers
EventBank Manager App Features

EventBank Manager App Features

  • Check in attendees quickly, update event details, and keep all data synchronized with the cloud platform
  • Process and review payments
  • View event analytics to track registrations, number of attendees, and total revenue
  • Monitor the progress of email campaigns
  • Manage teams and assign tasks
  • Create temporary accounts for part-time staff at registration desks
  • Input registration notes during check-in to track specific attendee information
  • Create and edit event, speaker, and sponsor profiles on the spot (limited functionality)
  • Adjust check-in information and change ticket types onsite
  • Provide walk-in registration with onsite event check-in